I know. That sounds dramatic.

But I'm totally serious.

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I'm Nikki, BTW - that's me over there biting a perfectly good No. 2 pencil. >> Nice to meet you ;)

Would you freeze up?


Trip over your words (or somehow make it sound really, really boring)?

Do you have a ridiculously hard time reducing your entrepreneurial genius to just one simple line of text?

It’s a tall order, I know.

(You’ve got a lot of genius over there.)

But let me tell you: It’s not only possible....


It's oh-so-worth it.

Since launching my business in April 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds describe precisely what they have to offer in succinct, conversational ways.

I’ve seen more than enough evidence to know that a glorious one-sentence bio is all you really need to get the copy party started. (Tweet that!)

You nail this ONE sentence, and you’re on a roll.

New tagline options start to bubble up. A fitting professional title becomes obvious. Big brand themes jump right off the screen. You have a whole lot more confidence when someone asks,

“So, what do you do?”

It’s a deceptively simple process, and I created this workbook to walk you through every. single. step.

It’s gonna take some work, but you can totally do this. You’ve got to.

It’s time for you to clearly, confidently explain what you do to the world, friend.

(Your dream clients are waiting.)

'My AHA moment was when I bumped into a neighbour and we started chatting about what we do. My one sentence just flowed out of me like it had been there for years all along. It felt AMAZING to have that kind of clarity and purpose to my words...I could truly sum up all the things that I’ve learned and what I can offer to anyone that I bump into.”

- Emmy Wu

Chief Videographer Editor, Emmy Wu Media

So what's the deal with ONE sentence?

By “the one sentence,” I mean a biz bio.

A mini-elevator speech.

Cocktail party pitch.

Twitter bio.

One-line manifesto.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a clear, succinct, engaging way to tell the world what you do in ONE thoughtful sentence.

Some people see this “one sentence” idea as limiting. I see it as freeing.

TRUTH: Nobody needs more anxiety in social (networking) situations – formal or informal.

Having a basic “hey – here’s what I do” framework in mind before stepping into the unknown takes the pressure off and allows you to just ENJOY the natural flow of conversation.

On the other hand, if you plan on freestyling your answer with every single person you meet, you’re ADDING to the pressure, taking away from the moment, and could very likely end up feeling like a goob with nothing coherent to say.

(Not the effect you’re going for.)

If you ask me, the right kind of prep doesn’t make you sound like a cheeseball. It makes you sound like a professional. (Tweet that!)

And the right kind of prep doesn't have to be complicated.

[Enter The One Sentence Workbook.]

It's a brand new mini-training I've created to walk you through what hundreds of my clients and students will tell you has been the most game-changing writing exercise they've done.

Whether I'm working with someone on an about page, a sales page, a WDS presentation, or an entire website (like in my program A Course About Copy)....I always start HERE.

This exercise helps you get to the (smart) heart of your message.

And even then, the value is more in the process of getting to the sentence than it is in having ONE rigid sentence to share on demand.

You’re a smart, authentic communicator - not a robot or a pull-string toy - which means you WILL adapt it to your audience and to the social context where you are. And you’ll have fun doing it!

(We'll cover all that in the workbook.)

I've shared bits and pieces of this process before, but this point I've only gone into this level of detail with my 1:1 clients and in the full version of A Course About Copy.

I created this workbook because I know THIS piece right here is the game-changer. This really is where it all starts.

And whether you eventually join me for ACAC or not, I KNOW this can help you get clearer and more confident in how you communicate your value, and when that happens (donning Miss America hat), the whole WORLD is better for it.

In essence, this is an entire lesson of top-shelf ACAC content. And I'm offering it to you for just $99. (whaaat?!)

I may be crazy. I may not offer this forever (truly). But for now, I'm REALLY excited for the chance to get this guidance out into the world on a BIG scale.

If you're ready to get crystal clear on how to DESCRIBE your genius,
click below to grab your workbook.

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“My one sentence revelation resulted in an invitation to be Nick Jr.’s Resident Expert in Australia, a book publisher approaching me, plus TV and media appearances and speaking invitations throughout Australia! Finding my voice and communicating with my audience has literally changed my whole business (and life) in the most profound ways.”

- Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Children's Brain + Technology Researcher, Every Chance to Learn

And what's actually included?


If Lesson 3 of A Course About Copy, my most popular blog post of all time, and our gorgeously stylish ACAC workbook had a (delightfully) affordable love child, The One Sentence Workbook would be it.

I’ve taken the best of each and put together 21 pages of fillable step-by-step guidance on how to finally get a clear, concise way to describe what you do, who you serve, and how you serve 'em.

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While recipes and formulas certainly make writing EASIER, it's still a creative process. It's not likely that you'll go through each of these steps and check the boxes as you go. That's why I'm adding in a BONUS training video (that I've only ever shared within the ACAC walls!) to help show you exactly what this process can look like with a few of my own ACAC students. I'll send you the secret password in your welcome email so you can log in and check out the examples whenever (and as often) as you'd like.

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Walking through this exercise (in beyond-the-blog detail) has been a game changer  hundreds of my clients + students (from all different biz backgrounds) because it forces them to get clear on what they REALLY want to say. Once you’ve got that down, the digi-sky’s the limit.


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.47.26 PM

“Truly brilliant! I've struggled for well over a year, never feeling proud or excited about my website. Within 1 hour of completing the One Sentence exercise, it was/is EXACTLY what I have wanted to say all this time! As I continue to recreate my website, having my 'One Sentence' has been instrumental. This is exactly what I needed to push forward! I have my SPARK back! Annnnd, for the first time, I am excited to write!”

- Rebecca Douros

Elite Life Coach, Abundance Within

Micro-content + (proven) MEGA-results.

So that's the deal, friend.

I have NEVER offered any product, program, or service of mine for under $100 til now.

I'm passionate about making THIS piece of ACAC accessible to everyone because it's the most powerful of all. Whether you eventually join the full course or not, I know that going through this exercise can help you find clarity in confidence in sharing your value with the folks who need it most - and that's priceless. For all of us.

Click here to grab YOUR copy of The One Sentence Workbook today.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

To you and your one-sentence-to-be, 

P.S. Want to know more about the FULL version of A Course About Copy? Click here for details.

P.P.S. Wanna know about its little sister, ACAC Prep School? Click here for details on that one.

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“Love love love the one sentence exercise. It's kinda like a laser-focused microcosm of a sales page. This bite-sized tool immediately brought more clarity to my biz and brand (super cool). And I loved being able to use it as a quick way to get clearer about the specific language that I now use for my tribe. Sweet clarity!”

- Sarah Michelle Brown

Writer | Director | Producer, Videos That Shine